Interactive Online Auctioneers Training Program

Unable to attend a live session of Auctioneers School? No problem! Complete your auctioneers training from your own home!

Continental Auctioneers School is pleased to offer the Interactive Online Auctioneers Training Program.

Participate in our Auctioneers Training Program, but from the convenience and comfort of your own home. This course includes 8 segments of curriculum and incorporates live webcast meetings, recorded lectures, quizzes and assignments, as well as weekly “office hours” via Zoom to check in with instructors. A Final Exam and Final Assignment are required to complete the course. The class is entirely self-paced and you can begin at any time!

Tuition: $1,790*

*Receive a $100 discount if registered and tuition paid in full before beginning course

*Payment Plan Available: $500 down, 3 payments of $430

Course Outline

Bid Calling Several course hours are spent covering bid calling, rhythm and chant development. Students also spend time getting comfortable with public speaking and learn about stage presence and voice control

Qualities of the Auctioneer Learn the expectations and responsibilities of the auctioneer. Students investigate the role of the auctioneer in the relationships with sellers and buyers.

Auction Processes We discuss the different auction types including consignment auctions, single seller auctions and auction houses and how to plan and manage each auction type. Students learn and discuss the process of planning and preparing different types of auctions and auction businesses.

Sales Prospecting Students gain salesmanship skills and learn about prospecting, soliciting & booking auctions

Contract Auctioneer and Ring Person Training Instructors discuss opportunities, responsibilities and expectations when working as a contract auctioneer or ring person.

Clerking and Cashiering Students receive hands-on training in clerking and cashiering an auction with both the hand method and clerking software.

Auction Law and Ethics Instructors discuss the legal and ethical responsibilities of the auctioneer.

Marketing Students learn various types of marketing used to advertise both auctions and their auction businesses.

Business Administration and Planning Instructors discuss the importance of business planning when starting a new business and the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Auction Design Students are led through a step-by-step process of setting up an auction. Instructors lead students through the auction process from initial consultation to display to seller settlement.

Online Auctions We discuss and examine this rapidly growing segment of the auction industry. Students will get the opportunity to picture, lot and setup items for online bidding during the student auction.

Real Estate Auctions Instructors give students an in-depth evaluation of selling Real Estate at auction and how to make money in this field.

Fundraising Auctions  This instruction in Benefit Auctioneering will give attendees all the basic cutting edge skills and techniques required to serve their clients from consultation to gala night. 

Personal Property Appraisal Factors affecting value, trends, functions of appraisal, identification, valuation, methodology, responsibility to client, legal aspects, research methods, standardized formats and record maintenance. Attendees will learn to customize a standardized appraisal format.