Maurice and Velda Fitzgerald Scholarship

The Maurice and Velda Fitzgerald Charity Foundation was formed in 2009.

Maurice and Velda Fitzgerald ran their own Auctioneering service for about 40 years in Boone, Iowa and the surrounding area. Maurice was the Auctioneer, and Velda was the secretary and also in charge of the food that was provided at the auctions. Velda was very detailed, and watched every penny! They were both very honest people. The Fitzgeralds did both farm and city auctions until they retired in their early seventies. They never had any children.

They were very hardworking people, and Maurice and Velda wanted to provide scholarships to local schools and grant money to local non-profits after their deaths. They both passed away in their nineties and lived wonderful lives.

The Foundation Board decided to provide scholarships for Iowa residents that attend Continental Auctioneers School. The board knew that Maurice and Velda would been very happy knowing this, in hopes that their hard works would lead to more auctioneers in the state of Iowa!

Three scholarships are awarded annually to Iowa resident applicants that the board feels are honest, hardworking, responsible, and trustworthy people. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact CAS Student Services Director, Sara Rieland, for more information at Sara@auctioneerschool.com.