Certified Personal Property Appraiser

One Day Course (8 instructional hours)

Not only can appraising be a stand-alone business to increase your income, but it can also be a building block to a successful career as an auctioneer. The PPA stand alone course is great for auctioneers already in the business looking to add personal property appraisals to their list of services offered. For those learning the auctioneering trade, the appraisal course offers great information on valuing items to become a successful auctioneer.

Course Contents

  • Learn how to value personal property by finding comparisons and researching your conclusions
  • Create a Professional Appraisal Report
  • Understand the factors that affect value
  • Analyze trends in the marketplace
  • Learn how to write a USPAP certified appraisal report
  • Appraisal requirements for government agencies, banks, courts, estates

Tuition: $495*

*receive a $100 discount if registered and tuition paid at least 14 days in advance or if tuition is paid online

*this course is included in both the Live Auctioneer Training program and the Interactive Online Program

You will learn from the best and benefit from hands-on learning with your instructors who are  recognized professionals in the appraisal field. Our course can help you build a rewarding appraisal business regardless what your personal property specialty field might be.

Appraisers – A Sister Business to Increase Your Auctioneer earnings!