Magic Beans – Secret to Booking More Auctions


Magic Beans – Secret to booking more auctions

So you’re looking for magic beans – the secret to booking more auctions.
As a young first generation auctioneer, one of the questions I’ve heard most often from newly budded auctioneers is: Where do you advertise to get auctions?
Many ask the question as if they are expecting to hear a single answer (magic bean), that will set their auction world on fire. The truth is there are no magic beans. There is good advice. Things like visit bankers, attorneys, so on and so forth are definitely worthwhile ventures. Yet, many simply don’t have enough auction knowledge or connectivity to make a quick play in this marketplace.
Each and every year we have aspiring auctioneers come to Continental to learn the art of success, and the techniques that build successful auction businesses. That’s right, we give you the magic beans, except they are more like nails and lumber that enable your business to grow through the right structure.
The short answer is if you don’t know how to design, build, market, and perform auctions, it will be extremely hard to book profitable auctions. We teach from our experience and how to use the multiplier technique to make people call you. Our experience shows that for every auction we book it leads to three more auctions as long as it is designed, built, marketed and performed well.
We can help you succeed in the auction business. Whether you are a first time attendee, want to audit our new curriculum, or even attended another auction school and haven’t found yourself where you want to be.
One thing I know is if you’re reading this, you’ve got the hammer, and we’ll give you the nails and the lumber.
Success to you, and have a bunch of great auctions,

Jason Hallberg, President Continental Auctioneers School