Book More Auctions

Want to Book more Auctions for 2017? Try the outstanding 5 for 5 deal.  That’s right, go out and visit with 5 people from the following 5 groups and I guarantee they will lead to an auction (which, if you remember the multiplier technique, will gain you 3 more).  Make it a point to take one half day each week for the next 5 weeks to make these contacts. 5-Estate/Divorce Attorneys 5-Commercial/Ag Lenders 5-Realtors 5-Nursing Home/Assisted Living Coordinators 5-Insurance Agents, Teachers, Police Officers, City Administrators, County/Township Supervisors, Farm Co-op Employees, Bartenders, Barbers, or Hairdressers. If you commit yourself to this strategy, you are guaranteed success. It will take you approximately 20 hours to complete this challenge over the next 5...

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Orphan Customers – the online auction advantage

Orphan Customers If you are looking to build a business, salesmanship is a must.  One thing that most sales courses teach is the value in  orphan customers. For our purposes we will define orphan customers as customers who have been dropped or forgotten by other salespeople.  We in the auction industry have just inherited the largest amount of orphan customers that we have ever seen.  How so you ask?  I can answer that in just one word “EBAY”, that’s right Ebay.  For a long time now that has been such a dirty word to auctioneers in the industry.  I think everyone who has been in the business throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s has a war story about the estate...

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Magic Beans – Secret to Booking More Auctions

  [caption id="attachment_324" align="alignright" width="600"] Magic Beans - Secret to booking more auctions[/caption] So you’re looking for magic beans - the secret to booking more auctions. As a young first generation auctioneer, one of the questions I’ve heard most often from newly budded auctioneers is: Where do you advertise to get auctions? Many ask the question as if they are expecting to hear a single answer (magic bean), that will set their auction world on fire. The truth is there are no magic beans. There is good advice. Things like visit bankers, attorneys, so on and so forth are definitely worthwhile ventures. Yet, many simply don’t have enough auction knowledge or connectivity to make a quick play in this marketplace. Each...

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